‌Personal Assistant Pro‌

The minimum required patient education software any clinic must have.

The most important information to know when you choose a Bank of animation Software is how long you will need to find the relevant animation

Therefore, we especially invest in a strong and customizable search engine

  • Allows the staff or the practitioner to easily find, explain and for the patient to visualize and understand even the most complex procedures.

Personal Assistant Pro is the best 3D animations collection software for patient education.

This software includes a bank of up to 400 dental procedures animations in high-resolution.

Personal Assistant Sp is a special limited version with 60 selected 3D animations from the Personal Assistant Pro.

Some Options

  • Create group of animations to make each presentation even more simple.
  • Allows to play up to 4 animations simultaneously for comparison.
  • Add your own words, in any language, to find easily each animation at any time.
  • Save, export and print customized treatment proposals.

How it works in 1 minute 56

Print and save as pdf