Waiting Room System

Many clinics spend a great deal of time and energy trying to figure out how attract the attention of potential patients; they often forget about the one place that they have a captive audience: THE WAITING ROOM!

Our new system will allow you to utilize Online live TV*, live news,Your visual, messages and Brands and DentalMaster 3D animations

why with3D


Our algorithm will create your patient 2D chart and 3D Customized model and shown automatically most the prosthetic solutions in less then 30 seconds.With this unique Analyzer Algorithm you will need just 20 seconds. The Analyzer & 3D Expert
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P A Pro & SP

P A Pro & SP

The Personal Assistant Pro will assist you in communicating with your patients and help you to clearly explain, visualize and promote includes in this software a bank of up to 400 dental procedure in High-resolution.
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VO Waiting Room

VO Waiting Room

Many clinics spend a great deal of time and energy trying to figure out how to grab the attention of potential patients; they often forget about the one place that they have captive audience: THE WAITING ROOM!
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DentalMaster Waiting Room Service

Upon Receipt of relevant pictures in high quality and the explanatory texts for each picture with maximum 80 words per slide (in a word document format)
we will  supply customized presentations for the DentalMaster VO and the waiting Room based on our templates.  


About us

DentalMaster Team has been specializes in the development of Real Time, Interactive, visually dynamic and high quality 3D animations & imaging for the dental and medical fields since 2003.

Our Company has been entrusted with planning interactive Dental patient software . A fact that sets us apart is that we are the only company with a unique Algorythm that allow to create automatically treatment planning. Our technology leadership, Dental understanding, and extensive experience with managing projects make us the market leader in rendering the service.

3D animation


Web solution and integration


Patient consent for electronic health record


Clinic marketing and public relation


What we do

Our company is focused on different areas. We are guided by the equity principle. But equity approach is not only right in principle. It is right in practice. This means, in practice, doing a better job of mapping the areas of greatest need – looking beyond averages and disaggregating the data so as better to target the hardest to reach. It means developing better monitoring and evaluation of results, to see what is working and where further resources should be focused.